Beware of Flying Metal JKT1 community
by theondelondel on

The Beautiful Cataleya Park
by theondelondel on

Wedang Ronde Gardujati
by theondelondel on

Broadway Valentine
by theondelondel on

Glenn favorites Blok M Square Lesehan to Hang Out
by theondelondel on

Urban Art
by theondelondel on

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This site is created to accomodate the needs of leisure in Jakarta. For quite sometimes people associate Jakarta with shopping malls, they spend their weekend in malls. However, there are alots of exciting lively destination which offer other experiences such as cultural and culinary experience. As the capital city, Jakarta has everything that you look for. Yet it also could be too big to search for specific item or cullinary. We, the citizen of Jakarta, presents The Ondel Ondel to be a filter engine for those of you who wants to enjoy Jakarta more.